Key Benefits

  • Data Privacy
  • Web Security
  • Siteimprove Core Platform
  • Digital Certainty Index™
  • Siteimprove Integrations


Siteimprove is a SaaS solution that helps organisations achieve their digital potential by empowering teams with actionable insights to deliver a superior website experience and drive growth.

Siteimprove has 550+ employees across 15 countries, helping over 7,400 customers globally. We have 17+ years of digital expertise and partner with leading organisations such as the W3C, the UN, and Adobe. We’re also proud to offer best-in-class technical support, academy courses, services, and technology integration


  • Competitor Analysis
  • Integrations Available
  • Keyword Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Site or Page Audits
  • Accessibility
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Privacy
  • SEO
  • Ads
  • Analytics
  • Performance
  • Web Security
  • Siteimprove Core Platform
  • Customisable Dashboards
  • Digital Certainty Index™
  • Policy Management
  • Response Monitoring
  • Siteimprove Integrations
  • Automated Reporting and Exports


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Francesco Loci

I used the service just for 1 months to try it, paying 134 euro for content and analytics bundle, analitycs bundle works good but is not my priority, the content bundle was my priority but in reality it was the worst experience in mylife.

I lost the first 10 days of subscription just because they were not able to setup my website in the system.

Then i start to use the content platform to scan my website and everytime, everytime, the scan was wrong, most of the problem that i have solved still in the panel after the scanning.

imagine that you need to fix a lot of problem in your website content and everytime this problem stil in the panel after a scan, you get a bit confused, then if you think that there are 3 different section(quality/seo/accesibility) to check and for each section there are problem about the scan you get more confused and i'm talking about just for one website on the platform.

I have subscribed 3 website :(((((

So on 30 days i use this service probably 5/10 days because everytime i have got this scan problem i use to write to the support and then i should wait at least 2/3 days of work for every issues and when i start to complaint they were not able even to tell me how can i delete my account.

The main feedback from the support was "i will forward to the developer team".

In the end i paid to be a beta tester because this service is full of problem and the support is not able even to check what's are the problem...and the funny things is that they give paid support if you are not able to set the platform.....naturally i ask for a refound or at least some extra days considering the days lost to fix the system ....i was really interest but then after few days i understood the business...sorry but you will not see me again

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