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  • software development
  • eCommerce
  • open-source


nopCommerce is the most popular ASP.NET shopping cart in the world based on Microsoft technologies. The platform powers 50,000 live stores and has over 10,000 new stores every year.

The platform is absolutely free to use: there are no any transaction or hidden fees.

Due to its rich built-in features, you can quickly launch and scale your finished online store. nopCommerce functionality suits SMB as well as medium and large B2B and B2C and global business.

If you need to build a special solution adapted to your business needs, then you’re not limited in customization, as the platform is open-source.

Our community is growing with the nopCommerce team since 2008 and is always ready to help you.

We are trusted by BMW Group, Volvo, Herbalife, Harman, Microsoft and other world-known companies. Want to join them? Create your successful store with nopCommerce


  • Drag and Drop
  • ECommerce or Storefront
  • Financial Reporting
  • Integrations Available
  • Marketing Automation
  • Modular or scalable
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Quick Start or Templates
  • Stock or inventory management
  • Works with POS or Non Digital Stores
  • software development
  • eCommerce
  • open-source


4.4 / 5 (of 27 reviews)

I would like to pay respect nopCommerce for being an Enterprise eCommerce platform that is free. Our developers' team use this software for 5 years already for developing various solutions. It is quite a serious competitor compared to paid solutions.

Recently, we have finished developing a store on nopCommerce for a large wholesale company. We had been working on this project for the last 8 months. The client was fully satisfied and so were we.

I definitely recommend nopCommerce.


We've been using nopCommerce for running a B2B eCommerce portal. Flexibility and scalability are among the best features as the platform can easily adapt to different types of product catalogs, checkout workflows, CRM and ERP integrations.
The core development team receives feedback and make the required adjustments based on it.
A new version is released each year and utilizes the latest Microsoft .NET technologies.

Though, there could be more plugins and themes. Technical support comes at an additional price.

Bela Zsir

This is a Russian made platform, the main developers are Russian citizens, they state being from Armenia lately.
The software has default settings cross-linked to (a Russian attempt to be an alternative for google with similar functionality, a company intricately interwoven with the FSB, the Russian Secret Service. For proof look up the phrase '' in their source code)
If you don't want your business data get into hands of Putin, stay away from this software.

Update on 10/14/2020:
I received an angry reply from the developers, three main topics are mentioned in their letter.
1. they insist that their company registration is indeed in Armenia
2. acknowledge that the software contains links to the search robot server
3. claim that my view is malicious and a foul play by some of their competitors

My point of view to these:
1. I don't care about their new company registration (there are dozens of other places where they can do it), it does not change the fact that the developers are Russian citizens only trying to hide it.
2. I still don't want my or my customers' any internet data, like IP addresses, domains visited, URL parameters (including articles bought or interested in) to get into the hands of Putin's regime. Why is not their reply that they changed/took out these dubious links? or at least working on it? If the developers themselves claim to have distanced themselves from the Russian regime, why do they think it is still OK to expose their customers to a .ru based search engine and the FSB database and intelligence service?
3. Come on guys, you're trying to distance yourself from Putin with an exact example of Putin's rhetoric?

Jayadul Shuvo

One of the best open-source eCommerce platforms. User friendly, clean, modular, easy to extend & an excellently active community have taken the platform to next level for both Store owners & developers.

Simon Maltby

This is a bit of an unfair review in a way as the basic system is actually good. But my experience with the plugins has been terrible.

I am now leaving this bad review because after trying to leave negative but honest reviews on their market place Nopcommerce just keep deleting them so it is impossible to let people know how bad some of the service and product are that they promote on their website.

I have been using Nopcommerce for 5 years and the plugins have been, in general, an expensive mistake. Many don't work. If there is a Nopcommerce revision to fix bugs or improve the system, you can't upgrade because some plugin makers want you to pay IN FULL again.

If you just want the basic system then it's fine. It is very USA based, for example the included shipping plugins do not have the correct products for the UK

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