Key Benefits

  • Customization
  • Productivity
  • Marketing automation
  • Pipeline management
  • Integrations


Freshworks is a US company customer engagement based on cloud computing

Freshworks was founded in October 2010 by GirishMathrubootham and Shan Krishnasamy 3 . The company’s headquarters are in San Bruno , California , with international offices in India , UK , France, Australia and Germany.


For small and fast growing businesses that need an all-in-one CRM
  • 1,000 Active Contacts
  • Contact, Account, & Deal management
  • Contact Lifecycle Stages
  • Live Chat & Facebook Messenger
  • Web Forms
  • Website Tracking
  • Built-in Phone & Email
  • 2-way Email Sync & Team Inbox
  • Predictive Contact Scoring
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • Lists and Segments
  • Drag-and-drop Journey Builder
  • 5 Active Marketing Journeys
  • Visual Sales Pipeline
  • Collaboration with Slack
  • 20 Workflows
  • 5 Sales Sequences
  • Custom Reports & Dashboards
  • Migration from other CRMs
  • Mobile App
  • Freshdesk Integration
  • Freshworks Marketplace
Best for larger teams that want to scale and build efficiency

Everything in Growth, plus


  • 3,000 Active Contacts
  • Lead Gen Bot
  • Answer Bot
  • WhatsApp & Apple Business Chat
  • Conference Calling
  • Smart Matches
  • Offline Events
  • 10 Custom Domains
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Behavioral Segmentation
  • 20 Active Marketing Journeys
  • Marketing Reply Tracking
  • 10 Multiple Sales Pipelines
  • Deal Insights
  • Product Catalog
  • 50 Workflows
  • 10 Sales Sequences
  • 50 Custom Roles
  • Territory Management
  • Sales Teams
  • Sales Goals
  • Offline Mode on Mobile App
Built for enterprises who need customization and control

Everything in Pro, plus


  • 5,000 Active Contacts
  • Auto-profile Enrichment
  • Call Recording Opt-in & Opt-out
  • Queue Callback (Virtual Hold)
  • Holiday Routing
  • 25 Custom Domains
  • Custom Sales Activities
  • 10 Custom Modules
  • Field-level Permissions
  • Deal Teams
  • Audit Logs
  • 100 Active Marketing Journeys
  • Marketing Transactional Emails
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Forecasting Insights FREDDY
  • 100 Workflows
  • 25 Sales Sequences
  • 100 Custom Roles
  • Advanced Metrics
  • Dedicated Account Manager


  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Contact & Lead Management
  • Email, Marketing & Campaigns
  • Integrations Available
  • Sales Automation
  • Sales Pipeline or Goal Management
  • Social Media Integration
  • Task Allocation & Tracking
  • Team Collaboration
  • Customization
  • Productivity
  • Communication
  • Marketing automation
  • Freddy ai
  • Pipeline management
  • Analytics
  • Governance
  • Integrations
  • Mobile


3.1 / 5 (of 60 reviews)
Saturnino Perez

I am still a customer, lack of reliability, errors with the basic email desing (sixe of letters, lines, sice of images), at the point of being scared of sending emails.

I had 4 meetings, none of them solved the issue, now they request for a 5th, lets see ... each meeting with a different person... so I have to start, restart and restart

Later I use the function "customer journey" and they block the emails despite I have a bigger plan for security reasons that still I need to be explained

Now they recommend to copy the journey and to restart, but I have the problem that I have to do manual controls to avoid 27 people do not receive the email twice ...

Tired of loosing my time, but still trying as I spent more thatn 100 hours learning

UK Business

We have been a customer of Freshsales suite since December 2021. Since then, they have had major system outages (but refuse to report them on the system status page), including the system failing to run sequences, failing to remove people from sequence and losing data to name a few. In our last instance, the system just stopped sending emails and the team has come up with nothing more than a generic answer each time. When queried, they simply said "we cannot look back that far" and blamed the issue on us. They offered 2 months' credit the first time which took months to resolve and more than 30 hours of our time. Our account manager has said they are trying for another credit for the second issue but there is "major pushback internally". When using this system, be prepared for little to no customer service, generic replies when they do and a high expectation to collect money from you without the importance of ensuring customers have a complete service! It's strange that this business was built on a ticketing system which would lead you to believe they value customers.


Quite a lot of 3rd Party integration and development for some simpler aspect of CRM. Hard to maintain and keep things up to date with 3rd party integrations and constant worry of security dealing with confidential and critical data being parsed to 3rd party integration apps.

Aaron Williams

I'm having a lot of problems with the email function. Whilst I try to keep the customer database fresh - in my industry there is a lot of turnover so invariably my emails bounce more than usual as my customers roll in and out of projects. Often I don't know they've left until an email bounces and I investigate. I'm then constantly battling with this CRM that my emails bounce rate is too high etc etc.

Niki Triantafyllou

For the last year, we haven't had any issues where we needed support. Last year I asked for some clarifications and they were given to us within the day

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