Key Benefits

  • Action configuration
  • Drop down fields
  • Version control
  • Automatic dependencies


Catalytic is the no-code workflow automation platform for citizen developers to digitize business operations, making work faster and more efficient—without friction or heavy development. Combine hundreds of modular capabilities designed to coordinate tasks, connect with your existing systems, and let automation and AI complete the rest.

It’s the only cloud platform created for citizen development, balanced with governance—and above all—with people in mind. The web-based interface is business-user friendly for instant setup, rapid building and agile changes. At the core is a self-managing, intelligent data layer driving it all forward for powerful processing, visibility and a low-maintenance, dynamic infrastructure.

Companies ranging from global powerhouses like Bosch, Grant Thornton and UL, to nimble startups like Spikeball have embraced Catalytic to do more with less, while overcoming years-long obstacles and reinvesting in their workforce


Explore Catalytic for 14 days
  • Build with 100s of actions, including automation, integration & AI actions
  • Access to Catalytic Community
  • Invite your colleagues
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Build unlimited workflows for a department or company
  • Unlimited Workflows
  • Pricing based on employee population size (company or department)
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Fixed price per workflows, for unlimited users
  • The plan starts with a platform fee. Add as many packs as you need.
  • Each pack includes 3 workflows and up to 3,000 form fills
  • Best starting point for Centers of Excellence (COEs)


  • Marketing Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Rules Based
  • Scriptable
  • Workflow Automation
  • Action configuration
  • Drop down fields
  • Version control
  • Easier action configuration
  • Automatic dependencies
  • Field validation
  • Embedded looping
  • More integrations
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