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Canto Digital Asset Management Empowers You to Organize, Find and Share Brand Assets
When Canto was founded 25 years ago, we couldn’t have imagined how far the industry would come. We were one of the very first companies to help customers digitize their asset archives and over the years, we’ve come to intimately know the people behind some of the most iconic brands in the world. We’ve supported our clients in empowering their employees, deploying groundbreaking campaigns, and future-proofing their rapidly growing asset libraries.

Innovation is in our DNA because our users are innovators, too. They’ve helped shape the frontier of branding and identity today, and that excites us. We’re here to remove the friction and elevate your people in their work


  • Backup and Versioning
  • Brand or Document Templates
  • Central Storage
  • Collaborative documents
  • Rich Media Asset Management (videos etc)
  • Search and Tagging
  • Version Control
  • Organize
  • Search
  • Share
  • Visual Previews
  • Branding
  • User Roles
  • Security
  • Collaborate
  • Reporting
  • Integrations


4.7 / 5 (of 231 reviews)
Steph Reid

Visited Canto to explore image tag editors, and couldn't interact with anything on their site because of the persistent Cookie Acceptance dialogue box, which actually blocks you from being able to read the Privacy Policy. Because the dialogue box blocks any site interaction whatsoever, you can't scroll through the policy and see what it is you're actually agreeing to. Since they offer no way to set your cookie preferences—it's all or nothing—you have no idea to what extent they're tracking, using, or selling your data. Whether it's intentional, or just a webdev oversight, it's BAD FORM.

I would typically mention something like this in a contact form, but again, you can't actually use the contact form until you've agreed to a policy that Canto prevents you from reading.

Will update review upon resolution of this issue.


I am really excited that my company decided to implement Canto as part of our file management process. We have files that people all over the world need to be able to download and different places people go to look. Using Canto I am able to link assets in different areas, but only update and manage within Canto. It has made it really easy to keep up-to-date collateral in all the places.

Shane Ostrander

Canto has helped us in many ways to exceed with our company's brand. The system has helped our sales team use files for marketing, advertising and explaining our company's services and products. Canto is an easy fit for any brand that is in need of storage and developing products.

Jared Phillips

My organization has been pleased with Canto. It met our marketing department and library's needs for a place to store photos for internal and external use. Implementation was easy and the support was very helpful. A great feature is the facial recognition. It is very useful when dealing with archived photos. It is surprisingly accurate! Tagging metadata with batch uploading is easy. Applying permissions to users for specific folders or albums is also very helpful.

Leigh Ann

Canto makes daily tasks much easier! I use Canto every day to find files within our department. We have so many different files that date back to years ago, so searching for them in other products can be difficult when I don't know the specific file name. But Canto lets you organize the files into folders and albums so everything is easy to find. Plus, my favorite feature is keywords and tags which makes searching for a specific file even quicker and easier! Sharing files with Canto means I don't have to download the file and then go to my email to send to someone. Instead, I can share directly from Canto! The upload process is quick even when uploading multiple files at a time, and it walks you through adding your file name, keywords, and tags so you can easily keep everything organized. I highly recommend Canto!

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