Key Benefits

  • To-do Lists
  • Schedules
  • Client Access
  • Email Forwards
  • Notifications


Basecamp solves the critical problems that every growing business deals with.It’s the saner, calmer, organized way to manage projects and communicate company-wide.

We built Basecamp because we need what you need: a system to help stay on top of it all. A way to keep people on the same page, organize and share information, discuss, make and nail down decisions. A system that helps us prioritize meaningful work, cut out wasted time and restore some work-life balance to employees.


month for your team
  • Messages
  • Realtime chat
  • To-do lists
  • Schedules
  • File storage
  • Documents
  • Check-ins
  • Check-ins


  • Chat
  • Cost Forecasting
  • Document and File Management
  • Gannt Charts
  • Integrations Available
  • Invoicing & Templates
  • Multi User or for Teams
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Summary or card views
  • Task Management
  • To-do Lists
  • Message Boards
  • Schedules
  • Documents & File Storage
  • Real-time Group Chat
  • Check-in Questions
  • Client Access
  • Hill Charts
  • Direct Messages (Pings)
  • Email Forwards
  • Reports
  • Notifications
  • Search


4.3 / 5 (of 13 reviews)
Robert Cordes

I’ve been using Basecamp since version 1 and I always loved it. Sure, there are some features that I’m missing sometimes. But every time I try out other project management software, I am overloaded by dozens of features I don’t need. So I guess it’s nicer to miss one or two big features than having way too many.

The biggest advantage over their competition is the communication with your clients. No other software has this nailed down quite as Basecamp.

Comparing Basecamp to its competition, for me, is like comparing Mac OS to Windows. One feels like it’s designed by an actual designer who has the end user in mind, the other feels like you had some engineers hack together every possible feature and later on get a few designers put everything together, without them talking to each other.

There is only one thing that bites me every month: the price. Sure it’s worth it, but I know that it was less expensive in the beginning. And that bothers me, because as I said I’ve been using Basecamp since version 1, but at some point I had to create a new account and so I lost the lower price. That makes me sad every month.

Araks H.

The most I love about Basecamp is that you can set up custom access settings for clients making it one of the most valuable project management tools for agencies out there. However, It lacks some essential features that other commonly known PM tools have, i.e. statuses for tasks or task lists.

Darsheel Savla

Best app for project management. Very customer friendly. They even let you export your data if your trial expires. The UI is simply amazing. Our team had a great experience using it.

Mitchell Robson

Affordable and reliable. Agree with the direction of the company and products.


We manage over 1,200 clients and 40 employees using Basecamp. It does exactly what it needs us to do. We're big fans!

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