Key Benefits

  • Recruitment
  • Referrals
  • Recruitment Managed Service


AnyGood? delivers recommendations at scale through a network of 10k+ members and partners across the UK and beyond.

Recognising that the cost of recruitment services is significant and value for money is questionable, that sourcing a candidate can take a considerable amount of time and that candidate quality is often inconsistent, AnyGood? deliver a different model, with no upfront payment, no % margin, just a reasonable fee if someone is hired.

Alongside the platform, AnyGood? also offers flexible support options for businesses looking for extra help with their recruitment process. This could be anything from helping to write job descriptions, video interviewing candidates, to managing all recruitment agencies and consolidating candidates.


Platform Only
£3,500 - £6,500
Per hire
£6,500 - roles £60k+ / £5,000 - roles £40k-£59K / £3,500 - roles up to £39k. No platform fee, no fee for sharing a role or receiving candidates, just a one-off fee if someone is hired.
  • Share a role on the platform (or we can administer it for you)
  • Receive, review and rate candidate recommendations
  • Receive member feedback on the role
  • Hire your chosen candidate
Platform Plus
per day
As the need for additional support can increase and decrease over time, we provide a flexible support model. We operate a monthly sprint cycle and agree outputs and costs with you as we go. You can choose a combination of any of the features requested.
  • Facilitation of candidate tests
  • LinkedIn/other job board posting management
  • Telephone/video interviews
  • Job spec drafting
  • Review of roles and communications for bias
  • Employee referral consultancy
  • Company structure advice for scale-ups
  • Insourcing strategic support
  • D&I e2e recruitment process review
  • Engagement with employability programmes
Platform Plus Service Management
per month
For a full service option where we also manage other suppliers, we operate a model where there is zero platform fee to avoid any conflict of interest. This works the same as the “Platform Plus” model, and includes at least 10 days effort per month. This provides all of the same options in terms of a flexible model and we operate in an agile way, ensuring our focus is always in line with business priorities.
  • All features of "Platform Plus"
  • Supplier management


  • Appraisals
  • Employee records
  • Holiday Booking or Attendance
  • Job Board Integration
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll & Tax
  • Screening and Interview Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Recruitment
  • Referrals
  • Recruitment Managed Service
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  • Data Security
  • Accessibility
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